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Full IR35 Contract Review

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What is IR35 Contract Review?

An IR35 contract review is the examination of a contract to determine if a contractor may be classified as an employee for tax purposes under the IR35 rules. IR35 is a UK tax law designed to prevent contractors from avoiding income tax and National Insurance contributions by posing as self-employed individuals. 

To determine your IR35 status, we can offer a comprehensive IR35 contract evaluation in which we evaluate both your contract and your working procedures. All contractors and subcontractors who are limited company entities should absolutely use this service. To use this service, you don’t already have to be an ABM customer.

Full IR35 Contract Review

How does the IR35 Contract Review service help?

You will have the chance to confirm that you follow the IR35 regulations thanks to our IR35 review service. To accomplish this, we will review the current contracts and provide adjustments and recommendations based on our in-depth understanding of and experience handling IR35 issues. There are a number of benefits to having an IR35 contract review carried out, including:

Peace of mind: Knowing whether or not you are likely to be considered an employee under IR35 can give you peace of mind and help you avoid any unexpected tax bills.

Reduced risk: If the reviewer identifies any clauses in your contract that could put you at risk of being considered an employee, they can suggest changes that can help to reduce the risk.

Compliance: Having an IR35 contract review can help you demonstrate to HMRC that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure that your contract is outside of IR35.

If you are a contractor, it is important to have your contract reviewed by a qualified IR35 specialist before you sign it. This can help you to avoid any unexpected tax bills and ensure that you are paying the correct amount of tax.


We will carefully analyse your contract and working procedures after we have all the necessary papers before sending you the following:

How We Work

Our team of fully certified and experienced experts provides our Full IR35 Contract Review service. We will begin your evaluation as soon as you provide us your current or proposed contract, along with any supplemental materials like the contract schedule.

An IR35 contract review will typically involve the following steps:

Gathering information: The reviewer will gather information about the contract, including the scope of work, the contractor’s working practices, and the relationship between the contractor and the client.

Analyzing the contract: The reviewer will analyze the contract to identify any clauses that may indicate that the contractor is an employee.

Assessing the risk: The reviewer will assess the risk of the contractor being considered an employee, taking into account both the contract and the contractor’s working practices.

Providing a recommendation: The reviewer will provide a recommendation to the contractor on whether or not they are likely to be considered an employee under IR35.

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