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Efficient Company Secretarial Services for Your Business in The UK

Functionalities Of Company Secretarial Services

In the United Kingdom, every company has to follow the rules and regulations set out in the Companies Act of 2006 and other applicable regulations. For example, depending on the company’s nature, Listing and Disclosure Rules, AIM Rules, UK Corporate Governance Code, or QCA Code. To ensure compliance, all directors and the appointed company secretary work together. This is where the company’s secretarial services come into play. 

Today we will give an overall idea of the Company’s secretarial Service: Key functionalities and why you should outsource Your Company Secretarial Duties.

What Does Company Secretarial Service Mean?

A company secretarial service is a professional service that helps businesses with their legal and administrative responsibilities. The leading role is to ensure the business complies with all the relevant laws and regulations and correctly fills the required paperwork.

There are several essential functions that a company secretarial service can perform, including preparing and filing annual returns, maintaining registers of members and directors, and keeping minutes of meetings. 

Key Company Secretarial Services for Business Compliance

Businesses can receive multiple ranges of support and advice from company secretarial services. What services a business will receive depends on its size and structure. Here are some  typical company secretarial Services we want you to look at:

Company Formation and Administration:

When a new private or public limited company, property management company, or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is set up, a company secretarial service helps manage the process.

Statutory Compliance and Filings:

Company secretarial services handle ongoing company compliance obligations. This includes ensuring the company is following its articles of association, filing the confirmation statement, keeping the statutory registers and records safe and up-to-date, filing annual accounts, and conducting compliance checks and statutory auditing registers.


They can also help with company meetings. This includes preparing documents for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), ensuring everyone gets the required notice period, attending the meeting, taking and drafting minutes, and drafting directors’ and members’ written resolutions. You can get help with other meetings, such as board and shareholder meetings, by scheduling meetings, setting agendas, circulating papers, taking notes, and drafting minutes.

Corporate Governance and Advisory Role:

Professional secretarial services provide advice on corporate governance, including training and induction for directors’ duties. They review and establish corporate governance policies and procedures to ensure directors’ decisions align with shareholders’ expectations. They also advise company Boards and provide essential corporate services that guide a company through legal and compliance requirements.

Ad-hoc Corporate Tasks and Changes

Company secretarial services can help with various-Ad-hoc corporate tasks and changes in a company, such as:

  • Changing the rules that govern how the company operates (articles of association)
  • Appointing or removing directors and company secretaries
  • Closing down or winding up the company
  • Bringing back a dissolved company
  • Changing the company’s address, accounting date, or name
  • Preparing paperwork for paying out dividends
  • Providing an official address and named company secretary
  • Changing the legal status of the company
  • Helping with buying back shares, issuing new shares, reducing share capital, or transferring shares
  • Advising on the taxes that may be due when making changes
  • Submitting the necessary paperwork to government agencies
  • Issuing official certificates to show who owns shares in the company
  • Keeping accurate records of who owns shares, who is in charge, and any other essential changes.


Outsourcing Your Company Secretarial Duties: Benefits to Consider

Employing a company to oversee your company’s secretarial responsibilities can provide substantial advantages for your business. Here are some key reasons why you should consider outsourcing company secretarial services:

Effective Management of Duties and Responsibilities

The company secretary has vital tasks like checking necessary paperwork, keeping track of any changes happening in the company, and keeping a record of stocks and transfers. By getting help from a professional firm for these tasks, you can ensure that you follow good business practices and meet your legal obligations.

Skilled Experts

You can take advantage of their expertise and experience by hiring an external company. They are well-versed in all aspects of the processes and can tailor their services to suit your company’s requirements.

Timely and Trouble-free Completion of Duties

Time is a precious commodity in business, and you can not miss the deadline. With a professional company by your side, armed with the latest and most efficient methods, you will never have to wait around for anything to be finished.

Reduced Training Expenses

When you outsource your company’s secretarial services, you can save the money and time you must pay to train a new secretary. The outsourced professional is already equipped with the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle the assigned tasks.

Benefit from the Latest Technology

With the help of an outsourced company secretarial service, you can use their modern technology without the hassle and cost of setting up and maintaining these systems yourself.

Elimination of Risk

To avoid penalties and legal consequences, you must comply with legal requirements. When you hire a professional firm to handle your company’s secretarial tasks, you can trust that they will be completed accurately and efficiently, reducing the chance of mistakes or problems.

Wrap Up

We understand that internal resources can be limited and insufficient for many Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to carry out daily compliance tasks or maintain a separate compliance department.

At ABM Chartered Certified Accountants, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients through close and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our services are designed to develop and evolve to meet each client’s unique needs. 

We provide skilled staff who will manage these activities for you, including file reviews, maintaining registers, writing monthly compliance board reports, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your compliance needs.



What is company secretarial services UK?

Company secretarial service providers – normally a firm of Chartered Accountants – can manage a large volume of vital business administrative work.



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